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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Father, Son and Holy Toast

Yes, the crass commercialization of religion has reached a new height...the Jesus Toaster. The brainchild of Galen Dively, III, founder of Burnt Impressions suggests that it will "bring you beyond ordinary toast." Is this really what the Lord's Prayer had in mind when it mentioned "our daily bread"?
If you want to "share the love of Jesus toast with friends and family" you can purchase a dozen for only $300. Although I will give the company credit for being at the zenith of bad taste, they are certainly not much on marketing. They have completely overlooked the possibilities of do-it-yourself communion, burnt offerings and "piece" be with you.
In case you already own the toaster, the company website lists other sites which carry some
"irreverent Moses and Jesus gifts."

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