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Monday, January 31, 2011

Texas Jot Football Awards for 2011

I decided that if everyone else could hand out awards at the end of the football season, I would, too. Besides, they left out a few important categories.

Most Convincing Walrus Look-a-like: Ed Werder and Ron Jaworski
Goofiest Analyst: Terry Bradshaw and John Gruden
Best Old-school Hair: Howie Long
Best Dressed: Cris Carter
Best Girlie Hair: Troy Palamalo and Clay Matthews
Least Likely to Get Invited to a Party: Chris Collingsworth and Tony Kornheiser
Biggest Whiner: Tom Brady
Worst Owner: Jerry Jones
Criminal Magnet Team: The Baltimore Ravens
Criminal Getting Too Much Praise: Ray Lewis
Best Former Criminal: Michael Vick
Fattest,Yuckiest Coach: Bill Belichick (needs a belly check) and Rex Ryan
Lamest Game of the Year: 2011 Pro Bowl

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