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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chocolate Purse

If you have Googled "Chocolate Purse," you may be looking for one of three things. A delicious chocolate dessert, a brown evening bag or chocolate confections shaped like a purse. I know you will find these items because I found them all while tracking down an evening bag.
In an effort to cash in on some of this search engine overload, I am offering this delightful designer bag for your consideration. I figure that if everyone else can stick a logo or product endorsement on clothing items, I might as well jump into the fray.

For a mere $500, you can be sporting this nifty carry-all and at the same time advertise my cookbooks AND support the scholarship fund at the Aphasia Center of West Texas. I think you will agree, this puts the other "designer" bags to shame. Help me, help a worthy charity and of course, help yourself by enhancing your style. If you are into limited editions, this is it. This is my personal bag and the only one known to be in existence. This is a tax deductible contribution to the Aphasia Center (501c3 organization) and you will make your check payable to them. First come, first served for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Click on the comment bar to leave me your contact information... and thanks!

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