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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finding Your Perfect Valentine

It seems amazing that entire generations of folks have found a lifetime partner without the aid of an online dating service. If you watch the TV commercials, you will be assured that this is a near impossibility these days. In my effort to stay with the times, I thought I'd offer a little help to those looking for love this Valentine's Day.
Your biggest decision is WHERE to start. Simply answer the quiz below and find out the perfect place to begin your quest.

I think _________ is/are really funny.
a. Harold Llyod
b. Lucy and Ethel
c. Homer Simpson
d. Eddie Murphy
My favorite dinner is_________.
a. Meatloaf
b. Steak and potatoes
c. Thai Food
d. Hummus and veggies
Can you list 5 _________?
a. NFL teams
b. Ultimate Fighters
c. XBox games
d. foreign films
The best band ever was_________.
a. Glenn Miller
b. The Bee Gees
c. The Beatles
d. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
If I could look like a movie star, it would be __________.
a. Hedy Lamarr or David Niven
b. Doris Day or Rock Hudson
c. Julia Roberts or John Travolta
d. Cameron Diaz or Brad Pitt
My dream vacation includes____________.
a. visiting museums and churches
b. resting on the beach
c. sky-diving
d. drugs and/or alcohol

If your answers were all or mostly "a", start with Senior People Meet. If your replies landed in the "b" range, try eHarmony. If you seem to be a "c", then should be a great starting spot. If you're a "d", then click on Zoosk.
Don't give up if you're answers were too varied to categorize. There is an website for everyone including single parents,Christian singles, gay dating and even sexy singles. Isn't it reassuring to know that for a small fee you won't have to expend much time or energy to find the most important person in your life?


  1. Brilliant Cece! I'm a cross between as and bs - and I am ON eharmony so fingers crossed! Jx

  2. PS - I have just sneaked a peek at Coco's Closet. I am FLABBERGHASTED! I want ALL OF THESE CLOTHES IN ADULT SIZE! Just fabulous x