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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Holiday at the Holiday Inn

For the first 9 days of my stay in Austin, I had the use of ONLY's comfy spare bed in her toy room. Unfortunately, I had to relinquish my cosy corner for ONE's visit for ONLY's birthday party. PARTNER and I had to camp out at the Holiday Inn Express for the last three nights. The only thing this place had going for it was that it was only a few miles from ONLY's house and they had fairly decent sheets. The rest ranged from unusual to yucky.
Upon entering our room, we were greeted by an aging pole lamp with three adjustable lights; two of which were aimed directly at as. I thought at any moment we might be subjected to the good cop, bad cop routine. The frame of the bathroom door was an entirely different color than anything in the room and they seemed to stop painting the bathroom when the reached the upper shower. Don't you just love the plastic shower liner flapping around while you are showering? The either they ran out of base tile or just decided no one would notice the gap near the door.
Personally, I would like to bake some Ex-lax brownies for whoever invented the window unit air-conditioner/heater...noise all the time. Of course, it did help mitigate the sound of the freeway traffic right outside our window. We had an amazing view of concrete.
It is bad enough using motel towels, but I balked at the notion that I should re-use than to save water. I thought saving myself from some unwanted bacteria was more important. One would think in the day of technology every establishment catering to weary travelers would have satellite television. As PARTNER remarked, "Not even the Science Channel."
They did have a do-it-yourself all-you-can-eat breakfast, which included plastic utensils and dirty tables. The young man at the front desk was absorbed in a paperback book during most of our stay, which could explain why no one was around when we tried to check-in. I guess I can just be grateful that this trip we didn't have the room next to the elevator. A stay at the Holiday Inn is no holiday.

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