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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ellen Tressel

A few years ago I spoke to a non-profit agency about the development of the fundraiser Chocolate Decadence for the Aphasia Center of West Texas. One of the precepts I stressed was the need to thank volunteers and donors well and often. I really don't like receiving form letters, often miss-addressed and mass produced thank-yous without any personalization.
I recently made a donation to the Tressel Family Fund in memory of a neighbor and former Ohio State player. The Fund benefits research and prevention of all types of cancer. Much to my surprise and delight, I received a hand-written thank-you note from Ellen Tressel, wife of Ohio State coach, Jim Tressel. This is not a person with time on her hands. She serves on the boards of several organizations and has been active in the renovation of the Ohio State University library and expansion of the Medical Center. She was also the recipient of the University's Distinguished Service Award.
Somehow, this woman juggles her civic responsibilities, motherhood and duties of a coach's wife and still finds time to remember the niceties of a personal note. I can honestly say I have never been a big Ohio State fan, but I certainly will be rooting for Ellen and the man in the little red vest this year.

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