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Monday, April 4, 2011

Put Down the Phone!

It was 5:15 on Sunday afternoon. PARTNER and I were waiting at the stoplight near Academy to turn onto Wadley. After our light turned green, a black GMC (probably Suburban)cruised through a very red light, while the driver was talking on the phone. He/she completely failed to see a motorcyclist and his passenger, who by all rights should have been in the middle of the intersection. It was only the cautionary action of the motorcycle rider that saved him from becoming a GMC hood ornament.
The driver obliviously proceeded to the Walgreen's drive-thru to pick up a prescription. I strained to see the gender of the driver, but couldn't tell for sure. So, if you are friends with Texas licences plate BT4F781, you might let he or she know of the narrow escape.
Many of us talk on our phones while driving, but I try to pull over or stop in a parking lot. I can't even talk on the phone and grocery shop without being distracted, so I know that talking and driving is not a good idea. An accident is an unplanned circumstance. Things happen that are out of one's control. Let's not accelerate the rate of "accidents" by adding cell phone use to the mix. Thirty percent of accidents occur during cell phone use. If you are actually dialing a call or texting, the number skyrockets. Please be careful!

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