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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Don't you just hate it when things go wrong all at once? Like maybe your driver's license expired and you just got a DUI and you have no auto insurance and you are out on probation...yeah, life is tough. But that's just when the tough get going.

So, this is where we join Florida resident, Megan Barnes. Not to be deterred by the inconveniences of our legal system, she borrowed her ex-husband's car (he was along for the joyride) and went merrily down the highway on her way to meet her date. Wanting to look her best, she had her ex steer the car while she shaved her nether regions. I mean who could blame her? How many times have you left the house worrying about a bad hair day?

Unfortunately, she was so distracted by her grooming ritual, she ran into a pickup 45 mph. It wasn't mentioned in the report, but I can only hope she had a styptic pencil handy. Judging from her track record, I'm sure she's showing off the jail. Hope she brought some peroxide along for those dark roots.

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