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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obama's Energy Plan for Texas

Just in case you thought my plans to win a Pulitzer Prize were on hold...I'm back with more insightful reporting on Barack.

Most of the country has been stymied by the President's rhetoric vs his administration's actions. He says he wants to drill more domestic oil, but thwarts the oil companies at every turn. Most folks in Texas have been working had to find new leases and drill, drill, drill. I know this is true because around our ranch, it is beginning to look like Spindletop.

I guess all that Texas drive and determination have made the President a little testy. What he really wants is more non-fossil fuels. Maybe he should look at all the wind turbines alongside of the drilling rigs. We are doing our best.

I'm just slightly suspicious of all the mysterious wildfires sweeping Texas. And oh yeah, what about the drought? I imagine some secret satellite blowing all the rain out of West Texas. If they can find you on Google Earth, who knows what else can they do?

If things weren't bad enough, Obama decided to rub it in our noses one more time. What a great idea of his to open the borders and let all the drug kingpins in from Mexico. We have enough problem with illegal aliens as it is. Maybe if we moved the White House to El Paso for a month he might get a clearer picture of what is actually going on...if he managed to stay alive that long.


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