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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bring Back Opera Gloves

After the recent inclusion of my prom photo on the blog, I've been awash in the glamour of opera gloves.  Seeing that photo brought back some wonderful memories of other lovely formals and long white gloves. There is something so sophisticated and charming about opera gloves.  Having been around since the sixteenth century, how could they have suddenly gone by the wayside?  Now, they seem to be mostly relegated to debutantes, brides and strippers.
As you can see by the photos, many pretty and talented women have known the power of long gloves.
To determine your glove size, measure across your knuckle on your index finger and wrap the measuring tape around you hand and back to the first knuckle, excluding your thumb.  Kid gloves have a little "give", so a precise measurement is required.  The sizes usually range for 6-8, including half-sizes.
Fabric gloves are usually not sized, as they stretch to accommodate many sizes.
Don't tug on the top of the glove, but insert the fingers and gently smooth up the arm.  A little powder with help ease those kid gloves without stretching them. When removing your gloves, fold down the top, open the buttons at the wrist and slip out your hand, then slide the glove off.
Kid gloves require some extra care.  Reshape each finger after wearing and smooth the glove back into shape.  If you have a little smudge, you might try a clean, soft eraser.  Leather gloves are expensive to clean and it is difficult to even find a cleaner who will take on the task. Store them carefully. Unlined kid gloves cost in the $200 range.
Gloves should be put on  after dressing and before leaving the house...they are part of your ensemble.  Leave them on in reception lines and while dancing. It is perfectly correct to wear a bracelet over your gloves, but NOT rings...this looks nutty.
When eating, removing them when you are seated at the dining table.  You can put them in your evening bag or let them rest in your lap.
As you may have noticed with our lovely models, white or off-white gloves are appropriate with light-colored gowns, but save the black gloves for the dark or multi-colored formals.
Gloves not only look classy, but they hide a multitude of sins on the hands and arms.  Come on ladies. Support the return of the opera glove! Maybe some of the other social graces will follow. How long has it been since you've had a corsage?

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