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Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Don't Men Read and/or Follow Instructions?

People who intalled pool on level ground.

Yes, PARTNER, it is your turn.  I know you've been waiting to be the star of another blog entry, but I've been holding off.  You really have been working on those little deficits lately, so I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt.  One the positive side, you quit whistling at me to get my attention while we are spraying mesquite.  You bought and hid an Easter basket for me, breaking a ten year drought. You even agreed to put up an above ground pool at the Diamond B, as we are sweltering in record-breaking heat. Kudos to you.
Now, to the point of the story...
Although it may seem intuitive how to set up a swimming pool, I figured it came with a video and several instruction booklets for a reason. Of course, PARTNER wanted nothing to do with the video after the first few minutes, "Dumb!"
I managed to catch the phrase, "set up on a completely level surface" and also noticed that it was in bold print on the instruction booklet.  So, I'm thinking that our planned patio installation is not a viable option.  Well, of course, I was wrong. 
P: "It's not that sloped."
"But is says it needs to be on a level surface."
P: "Nothing out here is level."
"Yeah, but maybe the grass doesn't slope as much as the patio."
P: "It'll be fine.  Lets fill it up."
"Why don't we wait until it cools off a little?"
P: "(ignore)"
"Here's the level.  Why don't you check it before we start filling it? "
P: "(urmph)"
"You know, it says that if the ground is not level, the side of the pool will blow out."
P: "(silence)"
"....which means that I could be thrown into the concrete patio."
P: "It's not gonna' happen."
"Here's a bottle of  cold water. I'm going into the house because it is 106 degrees and I'm having a heatstroke."
Fours hours later....
P: "One side of the pool is bulging out.  Guess I better drain it and find another spot."
His explanation to the kids of the day's events.  "After a little bit of a rough start, we got the pool set up."
No one trick pony, he...
P:  "Do you have any idea where this thing that looks like a sail goes?"
It was only the safety feature that keeps the ladder from tipping over when you stand on it. I'm saving all the directions until we discover what else "we" failed to do.

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