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Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial High School Class of '66 - 45th Reunion

The last time I really thought about my days in high school was 20 years ago when PARTNER and I went to my 25th reunion.There were about ten folks I knew and spent several hours at the table with someone who knew me, but I didn't figure out who she was until two weeks later. I'm sure PARTNER was bored to tears, but he dutifully attended because I had done the same for his Columbus High reunion a few weeks earlier.
His reunion was much easier. There were less than fifty folks in his graduating class and everyone still knew everyone else's business. My class, however, consisted of 485 individuals, many of whom I never had any contact with. When you eliminate the ones who live too far away to travel to Houston, the deceased and the incarcerated, I figure the chances of me knowing anyone in attendance are pretty slim. Besides, I haven't seen most of these folks since I donned my prom dress in 1966. Exactly, what would we have to talk about?
I have, however, kept in contact with the world's best civics teacher, Pegi Dosher and hear from her every Christmas. If you add one of my bridesmaids, Joanie Walker Pferdner, to the list, I now have two folks I'd like to see. Well, three, if anyone knows how to find Susan Piggott. Years ago, I saw Terry Norman Dagley at swimming lessons. We met up again at the 25th reunion. Ditto for Barbara Dye...saw her in the library in Houston. Otherwise, not much communication going on.
In light of this, I can only think of a few reasons to attend this reunion.
1. You are much better looking now than you were in high school. (Lost thirty pounds, had a hair transplant or facelift)
2. You are a realtor, cemetery plot salesperson, investment advisor or an attorney. These folks are always trying to drum up some new business.
3. Your legs still look great or you have six-pack abs.
4. You married lots of money or someone much younger than you.
5. You are desperately looking for love and hoping your high school honey is available.
6. You or your off-spring are famous or quasi-famous.
Okay, I agree with you, I ought to just stay home. Between my books, blog and volunteer stuff anyone who so desired would be able to find me with a quick Google search. (Yes, I finally joined facebook, but I just can't imagine anyone beside my family getting excited about my daily activities.) I realize I'm passing up the opportunity to "dress for a good time", but I think I got over that teen-age obsession with clothing a long time ago...well, sort of.
Gee, I wonder if Peggy Schwartz remembers the matching shoes we had that you could insert different colored ribbons to coordinate with your outfit? Did anyone in my accounting class actually become an accountant? What were the girls' names who wrote the fight song? Was a hop called the Bwana Bop politically correct? What are the Siff twins doing? Did anyone marry his/her high school sweetheart? What ever happened to Chuck Hoopengarner, cheerleader? Did any of the football team who beat Spring Branch for the first time, go on to play professional football? What about the State champion basketball team? Did anyone learn geometry from Miss Klinkerman and who untied my wrap-skirt outside her classroom? Speaking of which, does anyone still have a pair of petti-pants? Do you have your old rah-rahs? date for the Senior Prom.
See, I told you...nothing of interest to me.

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