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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disgusting Hairbrush: Beware of Fallout

Why does a hairbrush with hair stuck in the bristles look so disgusting?  It gives me goose-flesh to see hair collecting in my brush, but it is even yuckier to clean the brush and be left with a wad of strands worthy of a rat's nest.
When I went in search of an image illustrating this gross occurrence, I found only one photo of a hair-laden hairbrush on the Internet.   When you think of the uncensored garbage and pornography that is there for  public consumption, you begin to understand  the magnitude of this revulsion. It must be one of the universal truths that no one can stomach viewing her tresses lying lifeless in a hairbrush.
So, do I congratulate the owner of said brush for flaunting the ugly side of life or do I pity her for her complete and utter degradation? Turn away if you have a weak stomach...

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