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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Immaculate's Conception vs Pillsbury's Dough Boy

Just when I was thinking I could make a quick million if I developed a refrigerated cinnamon roll that didn't taste soggy and artificial, I came across the Immaculate Baking Company's canned sweet rolls. These leave the Dough Boy in the dust as far as taste, texture and overall results.  They are just yummy...and they stay yummy and fresh til the next day, if they last that long.
The company also make several different flavors of  cookie dough, which TWO purchased from a neighbor's child. The cookies, oatmeal and chocolate chip, got a big thumbs up!  Not only are their products delicious, they offer fund-raising options and are especially interested in bringing the arts to children. You can even apply online to have cookies donated for your arts related fundraiser.
I'm all about getting in the kitchen and cooking up a storm, so when I endorse a refrigerated bakery product, you know it has to be extremely good.  I found my rolls at HEB in Midland (which sell out of frequently) but there is a store locator on the Immaculate's website for those of you not in HEB territory. You'll send the Dough Boy into retirement after you try these.  I can't wait to try the cookies, biscuits and scones.

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