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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lance Berkman's New Body

I have always been a big Lance Berkman fan.  I was very unhappy that he was traded from the Astro's to the Yankees and ultimately to the Cardinals. This year, I was surprised and impressed by his new sleek physique...I noticed a difference the first Astro/Cardinal game.
It seems that Lance took umbrage with a comment made by an Astro's announcer Milo Hamilton indicating that he appeared to be in better shape now than he was as an Astro.  I'm sure it was an unexpected slur from a long-time friend, but in baseball if you're not with us, you're against us.  It would have been in the spirit of his often given Christian testimony, just to ignore the grumpy old man and make a joke of it. Surely by this time he has learned that the press can boost you up or suck the life out of you with nary a thought to your ego.
Anyway, give it up do look much better and you are playing better.  There is no shame in self-improvement, but why deny it?  There is nothing like a new team and a rehabbed knee to make you want to shine.  It is called self-preservation.  You are headed to the All-Star Game, you have a reputation as a good guy, and you gave Astro's fans some fantastic memories, but your weren't called Big Puma and Fat Elvis for nothing.

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