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Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Clean Velcro

I'm not sure why this should cost $5.95, but it works like a charm to remove odd threads and lint on kids' shoe Velcro.  In fact, anything that has a Velcro closure would benefit from this ingenious bit of low-tech machinery. Wish I had invented it!
I have tried toothpicks, tweezers, another piece of Velcro and a fine-tooth comb, but I find this much easier.
If you're getting things washed up for back-to-school, remember to close the hook and loop tape closures before washing and that will eliminate a lot of the lint and crud accumulating on the tape.
Hmmm...It has me thinking. I sure do miss those reminders of approaching September: a new lunch box and days of the week underwear.

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