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Monday, August 22, 2011

Scariest Makeup Mirrors in the World

I just thought I had purchased the world's scariest makeup mirror when I plugged in my new image clarifier at the ranch. It offered 10x daylight with 360 degrees of fluorescent lighting.  This mirror made my face look plaster of Paris: dry and cracked. I was thinking that on the plus side, I had to look better in person than I did in this mirror.  If not, small children would run screaming to their mothers.  Clocks would stop and just maybe the world would stop spinning on its axis. I mean, aging is one thing.  This was total decomposition of the face.
Then I purchased another mirror for "my" room at ONLY's house.  I can't believe that it was even more terrifying than the ranch mirror. This featured 15x daylight with a central, eye-piercing light that was so bright I had to cover it up with a band-aid.  Can you relate to craters on the moon?  What about hairy craters on the moon with brown spots thrown in?  This mirror was diabolical!  I'm thinking these instruments of low self-esteem must be part of a plot by dermatologists and surgeons to drive us to facial manipulation. I'm wondering what group of misogynists owns this Floxite Mirror Company. Maybe a Texan should have known better than trusting her image to a company based in New Jersey.

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