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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watch Wrinkles Disappear Within 90 Seconds!

If you were one of the probably received an unsolicited sample of Hydroxatone. I know you are dying to know how it worked. I could hardly wait to "see wrinkles disappear from view."  The thought of "looking younger in the next 90 seconds" was overwhelming.  "No facelifts. No surgery. No kidding." I hurried to my vanity to "smooth on a dab."
The results?  I waited in anticipation of it "absorbing immediately into my skin...wrinkles would virtually disappear!" After only 90 seconds I had splotches on my face that looked like dried Elmer's glue and they were very difficult to remove. I guess the idea is that the rest of your face will look so horrible, no one will noticed your wrinkles.  Quite a concept! Maybe I should sue for damages.
So as I have mentioned before...don't waste your money on any product with an X or Z in it's name...hydroxycut, enzyte, etc.

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