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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To Get a Good, Safe Manicure

In Texas, the most common violations in salons are:
1. Salon is not clean.
2. No photograph on license or no license.
3. Failure to keep a record of daily or weekly cleaning.
4. No law book on premises.
5.  Multi-use implements not sterilized after each client...ooohh, that's nasty!
If that is not enough to scare you away from those mass production salons, things could still be going awry in your favorite salon.While the regulations are frequently amended, here are a few that your salon may or may not follow:
1.  Your manicurist must sanitize her hands before each client.
2.  Manicurist must clean the clients hands before beginning service.
3.  Orangewood sticks are considered single-use items and should be discarded after each client.
4.  There should be clean towels for each client.
5.  Finger bowls for soaking polish must be cleaned after each client.
6.  Fresh lotion and containers must be provided for each client.
So, what should you reasonably expect from your manicure?
1.  You should have no hang nails, but the cuticle base should not be cut.
2.  Your nails should be smooth and shaped in proportion to your hand size.
3.  The appropriate emery boards (fine for natural nails) and products for your nail structure.
4.  The nail bed should be completely covered with nail showing on sides or near cuticle.
5.  Your polish should last a reasonable length of time without chipping. (5-7 days)
6.  You should not be subjected to the manicurist's personal phone calls or in-house feuds.
7.  Manicurist should call as soon as possible if they must cancel an appointment.
While you are busy critiquing your salon, don't forget to be a good on time, stay off your phone except for emergencies and keep your appointments.  These folks are self-employed.  If you don't show or show-up late, you cost them money.

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