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Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm NOT a Security Threat

You'll be relieved to know, as was I, that Apache does not consider me a security threat...despite my blog entries.  A very polite security officer, Jess Malone called this morning to inquire about my dissatisfaction with the company.  I don't know if it will do any good to email him a list of grievances, but it is comforting to know that someone, somewhere is interested in my concerns.
Besides, I'm sure reading my email is better PR than having the beloved grandmother of ONLY, 40-plus year wife of honest CPA, PARTNER and mother of two upstanding citizens accused of recklessly venting her anger at Apache by writing funny things on her blog. Actually, I'm just part of a long line of folks in Garden City that are unhappy about all the recent drilling activity. 
I am willing to give Apache the benefit of the doubt and retire my voodoo doll for a while.  But only for a while...they did leave the gates open and trash lying around this weekend. Yeah, they scraped and bent up one of my road signs, too.  They also blocked the road that runs around the perimeter of the ranch and left piles of brush lying around. I did already mention that they pre-empted the use of Bobwhite Way.  Now there is a nice drop-off of the southern end of that road  that was quite a thrill in the Mule. The big trucks didn't do to much for our roads, either.  Other than that, it was a decent week. 
You can be sure I'll let you know what Apache has planned, if anything, to ameliorate my pain.

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