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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Donna Decorates Dallas

Donna Moss, at age 50, was an HGTV Design Star winner.  I guess that honor entitled her to a show of her own. Hence, Donna Decorates Dallas. I was a little puzzled why they selected a title so reminiscent of the infamous porn movie, Debbie Does Dallas.  After watching two episodes of the program I realize that their only other natural choice would have been Pimp My Home.
What offends me most about this show is that it portrays Texans as flamboyant and tasteless. I would describe Donna's style as Religion Meets Bordello...either put a cross on it or add fringe, fur and feathers. If you are into bling, you may not be offended by this "designer's" eclectic methods of decorating, but  that aside, she seems to have no sense of scale.  I'll admit that it is a difficult task to fill the cavernous spaces of the Dallas Mc Mansions, but if that's where your clientele live, it is your obligation to figure out a way to make it look right. Her main skill seems to be convincing insecure women that their house does not "reflect their personality."  Of course, real estate agents would be the first to tell you that these taste specific houses are the most difficult to sell.
Here are some of Donna's decorating ideas:
1. faux painting (so last decade)
2. covering the frame of a cheval mirror with fake diamonds and costume jewelry (this was for a 3-year-old)
3. using earrings glued  over tufted chair buttons to give it "bling"
4. incorporating pages from the Bible on the face of a nightstand (Isn't that sacrilegious?)
5. a pair of large angel wings on either side of a window to "draw your eye upward"
6. two stuffed peacocks stuck on perches in the wall.
At the end of each show, we get a close-up of Donna's surgically enhanced face saying, "They seemed to like it." I have watched many a Candice Olsen re-models on HGTV and at no time was there any doubt in my mind that her clients were overwhelmingly the point of tears.  The only tears shed on this show will be when Donna's clients get their bill.
I think her daughters, Tiffany and Ashley, have the perfect opportunity here.  They need to start there own show like Alexis Stewart's, Whatever, Martha
"Hey, Mom.  What were you thinking?  Stilettos on a ladder at your age ?" Yep, that's mom in the leopard chair.


  1. where can i find those shoes???

  2. I love Candice but she doesn't live n Texas & Donna does. Myself numerous of my friends,family love her show! I guess it takes true Texans like ourselves to respect her style of design. I also love that gives u ideas of making your own things like curtains, pillows,chandelier...etc. like better with just a hot glue gun & maybe some old costume jewelry & spray paint no sewing ability or break the bank required. U GO DONNA U STAND FOR ALL US FLAMBOYANT OVER THE TOP TO MUCH BLING IS NEVER ENOUGH TEXAS WOMEN!!!

  3. Love your show Donna! Do not allow the HATER'S to get you down!


  5. I enjoy watching Donna's show more than Candice's show. I love how she incorporate's crafts and how to do embellishing. Can't believe her age she looks GREAT! Keep doing what your doing, I'm a big fan!

  6. Everythings big in Texas we enjoy our homes until we decide to sell. Then they get boring...... Not until then though.
    Love the show bring on more wish she would come to my little Texas home. Those homes are magnificent just like Donna's style.