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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Well, I'm Feeling Divine!

Now that I have you stunned by my ability to cast a curse and perform voodoo rituals, I will further amaze you by letting you in on a real secret.  Along with my other new ranch skills such as tractor driving,  I have also mastered the art of dowsing.  I can find underground water.  Yep, I'm pretty blown away by this, too.  Six years ago when we purchased the Diamond B, the water well driller showed me how to locate a site by holding an L-shaped metal rod in each hand.  As a joke, PARTNER gave me my own set of copper dowsing sticks. 
I was able to site a second water well.  If I had displayed this talent in the days of Martin Luther, I would have been condemned for doing the work of the Devil...hence the name, water-witching. Fortunately, learned minds have moved forward, but the majority of the scientific world can find no clear evidence that dowsing works any better than random chance.  All I can say is that when I get near underground water, those rods swing across each other to form an X.  It is weird.  Normally, stuff like that would keep me up at night as I am not into paranormal events.  As scarce as water is in West Texas, I'm just focusing on the positive idea that somehow, I can find it. The great mind of Albert Einstein believed that the movement of the rods were the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors. I think I'll hang with that explanation.
Anyway, we are about to drill another water well so my rods and I were out dowsing last weekend.  The well driller met with PARTNER today and had the very same results as I.  Bingo...right on my spot! Thanks to PARTNER,  I have the photo of the driller's verification to prove it.

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