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Monday, October 3, 2011

Apache Security Counter-Strike

Just when I thought it was safe...I found this on my seat at an event Saturday evening. 

Harmless black bag.

No idle threat!

Personalized voodoo doll enclosed.

They even know I love chocolate!
Now, that's what I call retaliation.  Too bad the rest of the company is slow slow on the uptake.  The gate is STILL being left open.  Sunday's trash count:
4 water bottles
one Dr. Pepper bottle
grocery bag filled with sunflower seeds
electrical wire
duct tape
and some stuff in the field I was not properly attired to retrieve.
My latest salvo was a handmade sign on the gate:
"Obviously you can't listen, but maybe you can read.  This gate is to be closed and LOCKED at all times."
I'm sure they are trembling in their boots.

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  1. I can really see the resemblance. That is scary stuff!