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Friday, September 30, 2011

Who Gave Guns to the Apache?

I know I vowed to put the Apache voodoo doll aside and give the company a chance to make me happy, but it has only been three days and already we've had some more trouble.  It seems someone armed the Apache nation. Personally, I think the guns were hidden in the buckboard of  the bible salesman.  Don't they always hid them there?
Anyway, SOMEONE shot a buck right next to the newly constructed road for Apache.  Yes, it was not only a case of poaching, but definitely not even hunting season.  We have compounded felonies, here.  Our water-well guy spotted the dead deer and called to let us know. We high-tailed it out there after work, but alas, the buck was missing. The question is...who passed the buck and to whom???
This does not reassure me at all that the gates are indeed kept locked at all times and the contractors and sub-contractors for Apache are honest citizens.  And, there is the small matter of armed men on my property. The ranch is supposed to be a wildlife conservation area.

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