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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Obamacare Coverage of Contraception Sparks Elder Sex Explosion

She's 71 and he's 54.  They haven't been formally introduced, but shared a few drinks in a Michigan bar.  Then it was on to the back seat of Rita Daniels' Buick Regal for a naked  romp.  When questioned police as to what was going on, her "date", Tim Adams, replied, "I'm ******* this chick." I guess it was worth it to Rita to...notice the big smile in her mugshot.
On a more civilized note, the Duchess of Alba, a Spanish billionairess wed civil servant, Alfonso Diez, age 60. "Alfonso doesn't want anything (money). All he wants is me."  Yes, I understand just what he sees in this 85-year-old woman. Isn't love grand?

George Howard, a robust 59 years, was arrested in Kentucky for having sex while drinking beer and driving. His female companion, whose face was in Howard's aah... lap, was not arrested despite the beer she attempted to hide under her dress. I'm glad they gave her the benefit of the doubt.
While some would say that the morals of the world are in rapid decline, I blame it on Obamacare. When the government starts paying for birth control rather than hearing aids and eye glasses, what do can one expect of these senior citizens?  I mean, you need to take advantage of your benefits.

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