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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Multiplying Apache Tanks

One little ,
Two little
Three little oil tanks.
Four little,
Five little,
SIX little oil tanks...and a gas pipeline.
Gee, every week it is something new at the Diamond B.  Apache must be working overtime to find ways to infuriate me.  My unsightly tank battery has grown from three to six . Now they need to run a natural gas pipeline across the property, too.  I guess I should start all over with the "name the tank battery" contest.  I think the pipeline will be designated Beans and Onions, as they are a root cause of natural gas.
I haven't been at the ranch much...I think it is better for my mental health.  Two weeks ago, we spied an oncoming S&S truck traveling above the speed limit.  We pulled off the road and waited for them to pass, avoiding a head on collision between our open vehicle with a top speed of 15 MPH and a giant truck.  When they did catch sight of us, amazingly, the velocity at which they were traveling was greatly reduced.  So much for the speed limit signs.
Apache has foisted off the actual "making" of the well to a group called Lucky.  Yea, I thought the same thing.  Unfortunately, they were very lucky...hence the three new storage tanks.  Rosebud is a big producer requiring 4 tanks and a mile of polypipe (which I hope they bury, soon). I wonder what happens if one of those tanks leaks.  I didn't notice any drip pans underneath the tanks.  As much as I dislike the EPA, I could use them about now. 
We still have men living on the property in trailers and campers.  Why am I not entitled to charge these folks rent? And, there is also the never-ending trail of trash...what can I say? Oilfield trash makes trash!
Apaches I would rather have on my property:

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