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Friday, December 2, 2011

Visit My New Etsy Store, Coco's Cache

Yes, it is self-indulgent, but rewarding...I am happy to announce that my Etsy store is open for business.  Just go to  Select "Shops" from the drop down menu at the top of the page and enter Coco's cache in the search box. 
I finally shot some decent outdoor pictures of the reversible apron/smocks, so you can see how cute they are and also get a close-up look at the colors and patterns.  There are two model shots that display the cut and fit of the apron on something besides a coat hanger.
If you live locally and want to purchase an apron online, I will refund your shipping  (charged automatically) if you want to pick it up. Just include that in your message to seller and give me a contact email or phone number. Etsy uses Paypal and credit cards and handles all the funding through its secure site.

This one is called, Holly Days!
 (ONE...thanks for the gentle prdding to make this a reality. TWO... thanks for the photo and modeling help.)

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