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Monday, November 21, 2011

Rod Stewart's Hot Legs, Etc.

Too bad you can't see his pink shoes!
Rod Stewart has eight children, some fathered after the age of 60.  While I'm thinking that decorating the Christmas tree has become more like using the Stairmaster, this man is bouncing around stage through an entire concert. 
Due to the sweetness of a special and generous fairy-godmother, I had center-front-row-seats for the opening of the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center.  I could see every freckle on Rod's face. It was an incredible evening of entertainment.  I'll get to Rod in a minute, but I have to give kudos to his vocalists and musicians.  They were superior, talented and engaging. I would have paid to see them perform on their own.
Several years ago, on a trip home from Dallas, I made PARTNER listen to a double album of Rod and he withstood it until the final 45 minutes.  I noticed he enjoyed the concert immensely, in spite of that mind-numbing experience. Rod sang 17 songs, including my favorites, Rhythm of My Heart, Have I told You, and You're in My Heart. The fifteenth song was Hot Legs and he kicked soccer balls into the audience the entire time he was singing.  Talk about some hot legs...he landed one in the upper balcony! PARTNER, my hero of the evening, snagged an autographed soccer ball for me.  Despite my rising from a sick bed to attend the concert, the evening was well worth it. What a kick-off for the fantastic new performing arts center for the Permian Basin!
Unfortunately, I was too busy watching to take any photos.  When Rod appeared for his encore, Shake Your Money Maker, I finally grabbed PARTNER's phone and got a bit of footage, just to prove I was really there.

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