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Friday, November 18, 2011

One Good Thing About Apache: Show of Support

Last evening was the annual Show of Support Hunt for Heroes banquet.  As every year, the men and wives being honored for their military service are incredible individuals.  It is a humbling time to be among such bravery.  They have been shot at and been hit by explosions all in the line of duty.  Then they face years of surgery and therapy to overcome the physical and mental injuries.  The hunt is a chance for them to have a weekend of deer hunting and camaraderie with their peers, while the wives enjoy pampering, sightseeing and shopping. 
For the past five years, PARTNER and I have sponsored a hero and his wife.  We have made some wonderful friends over this time.  It is an opportunity for us to say "thanks" for being there on 9-11and protecting our country from even worse tragedy. They are so grateful for the time spent in Midland and the show of support, but we always come away from the event thinking how lucky we are, as sponsors, to have the opportunity to meet such heroes.
This week, I'm going to cut Apache some slack, as they were also rifle sponsors.  They also had a crew directing folks to their tables.  They get a big thumbs-up for their support of this community event.
One of our returning heroes, Major Rusty Bradley and his wife Carolyn, were our guests in 2007.  Since that time, Rusty has written a compelling book about his military experiences in Afghanistan. He was in command of a Special Forces A-team when he was wounded at the Battle of Sperwan Ghar. This is book pays homage to his team and the extraordinary heroism displayed under horrendous circumstances.  Did you notice I said "team."  This is not one of those grab-the-glory plays by the author, it is a true tribute to his men and an enlightening insight on Afghanistan.  Lions of Kandahar is available on Amazon.

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