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Monday, December 5, 2011

Income Tax Song

I used to have breakfast every morning with PARTNER, but for the last several years I have shared the morning repast with him AND the hosts of Squawk Box on CNBC.  I have nothing against Becky, Andrew and Joe, but it is not so good for the digestion to listen to political haggling and economic woes every day.  The one eternal truth I've learned is that at no time will everyone be satisfied with the prevailing conditions.
Lest you think this is a new development, folks have been agitated about politics and the economy for a long, long time.  Last week I caught a bit of an old movie on Turner Classics and thought y'all would get a kick out one song in particular.  I wasn't able to find the lyrics, so the transcription is courtesy of me, with TWO adding her corrections.  I dedicate this one to Rick Santelli...

The New Parade AKA The Income Tax Song
Sung by the Yacht Club Boys in the musical Stage Struck (1939) lyrics by E.Y. Harburg
Transcription by Cece Brune

 “When the all American Congress of the great United States
Sat a while ago in legislative session.”
What’d they do?
“They decided they must make a good impression,”

We know…
So they started legislation for increases in taxation.
Which we fear was economic indiscretion.

“Correct! From Atlantic to Pacific, taxes now are so terrific
That Republicans predict a new depression.”

Who cares….
As for us we’ll be like brainy businessmen
And we’re never ever going to work again.

It’s certainly silly to struggle and slave for what you can save today,
‘Cause whatever you’re clever enough to make, the government takes away…
Away, a way to make the people pay is to raise the income tax.

And who gets rich?...the sons of political leaders who sit on their backs.
A fellow is foolish to fuss and to fret for what he can net today,
'Cause whatever you’re clever enough to make, the government takes away.

With a tax on this and a tax on that,
We’re starting to talk in our sleep.
It’s strange to say but today, the more you earn the less you keep.

We’d like to know what good’s our dough when all that it got us is grief?
Your legal advisor’ll tell you it’s wiser and cheaper to be on relief.
From income tax and inheritance tax, we’re getting the government blues.
The taxes take the profit you make and they leave you what you lose.

Our Uncle died, at first we cried, but now we can really relax.
‘Cause here’s the joke, he passed the poke and we don’t have to pay any tax.
You like a stock, you buy a block and pay the commission, of course.
It’s up, you sell it and pay the tax and find you’ve taken a loss.

We’re losing our health from sharing the wealth.
We think it’s an awful mistake.
It’s funny but all of the money we make the Treasurer takes, the Senator takes, the Congressman takes.
And not forgetting municipal tax, the luxury tax; they’re breaking our backs.
From giving the government 20 percent, then 40 percent…we can’t pay the rent.

They tax us for every emergency here, emergency there.
They’re starting to get in our hair.
It’s certainly silly to struggle and slave for what you can save today,
‘Cause whatever you’re clever enough to make the government takes away….

Away, today our poor financial stomach is looping the government loop.
We’ve got political indigestion from living on alphabet soup.
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker take most of your dough today.
And, whatever is left when they get through, the government takes away.

Want to watch the Yacht Club Boys actually signing the song?

Yacht Club... Boys?

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