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Monday, December 12, 2011

No Christmas Miracle from Apache

You could see it from  quite a distance. We hopefully followed the light in the East.  When we arrived upon the scene, there was only a tank battery, trailer, six pick-up trucks, lots of garbage (all time record trash), two roads blocked, a very messy Onda-lay pipe crew and "beware of poison gas " sign.  The day only improved with them cutting the water line from the windmill to the trough.  I guess it was too much trouble to ask where the plumbing ran.
The situation degenerated even further...they still think it is permissible to have an open fire on the property and cook up some chow.  And, of yeah...the dreaded frac tanks are not far behind.
We keep asking questions and they keep refusing to answer them.  Apache must think we are pretty stupid. Using our secret agents, worldwide network of spies and eavesdroppers,  we've found out what's going on and you guys ought to be down on bended knee thanking the day you came on our property.  It might not hurt to show us a little consideration for your good fortune on the Rosebud well. 
P.S. Hope you can live with prostate pain until Christmas.  I have no intention of removing the voodoo doll pins before then.

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