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Thursday, January 12, 2012


How many times have these folks called you with a recorded message?..."this is not a sales call"... It is in reality a number associated with ESG Research Group (Chicago, Illinois) and they claim they just want you to answer a few questions and you will win a trip.  The debt survey is innocuous enough, but the catch is when they turn you over to the "free vacation."  Maybe they would like your credit card number to pay for the tax and gratuities?
The Internet is crawling with people who would like to get these calls stopped.  I receive them on my landlines, cell phone and at the ranch.  I have tried returning this call, but I get another recorded message saying, "this number is not accepting calls at this time." I wish I had the option on my phone.  If you have the call blocking feature, you can block this number, but they will probably just use one of their other numbers to circumvent you.
I was desperate enough to file a complaint with the FCC.  You can fill out a form on line and it takes less than 10 minutes.  If we can't jam the offending caller's line, than maybe we can inundate the FCC with complaints about these guys.
(I have had SO many hits on this entry...the most ever in one day. I feel your pain.  Let's put these scammers out of business.)

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