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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holiday Returns

This was a belated Christmas present from Apache.  I have been trying to figure out how to return this or even exchange it for a smaller size.  I  hate to hurt anyone's feelings, but I find it overwhelming and on the par with a really ugly Christmas sweater. The really bad news is that PARTNER says Crabcooker is destined for a pumpjack, too, as the pressure on the well has dropped to nothing.
My second surprise was much more pleasing, but I wish I could exchange this for a larger size and have it altered to include "no smoking."  While I certainly applaud Apache's efforts, if they are patrolling for drugs and firearms as diligently as they are for speeders on my property, the sign will be of little use.  Two weeks ago, PARTNER and I were stunned by the speed of a work-over rig and the ensuing truck.  If they were going less than 40 mph we might have been able to catch up with them.  The only thing that did eventually stop them was when they met a tanker truck head-on.  Can you just imagine the explosion if these two hadn't been able to stop?

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