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Friday, January 27, 2012

Lady and the Tramps

Lady and her off-spring, Doris, Dallas and D.J., live in Glasscock County with Lady's brother/cousin, Al. Until recently, they have had an idyllic life roaming the fields and frolicking in safety and security. Now they are threatened by the invasion of the Tramps, a.k.a. Apache. The Tramps are getting ready to drill a well on Lady's sacred homeland.  The dogs have "marked" this territory and considered it their own.
Lady yapped about the placement of the well...practically on top of her family. They consented to move it a few hundred feet north and east.  Unfortunately, it is still very close to her home.
Through her tears, Lady sobbed, "Haven't they heard of directional drilling?"
Lady is worried about the noise from 24-hour drilling, the constant traffic and the the large waste tank.  Al, alias Al Capone, has a real talent for escape.  All the activity directly next to his pen could inspire him to make a dash for it.  Unfortunately, his need for adventure overtakes his good judgement when confronting new porcupines. She doesn't want to find him floating in the sludge pit.
Being member of the proud line of pedigree English Pointers, Lady prides herself on her good nose.  She fears the constant stench of drilling will dull the olfactory senses of her and her family.
"I'm getting older, but my triplets have a lifetime of hunting ahead of them."
Her biggest fear is simply survival. 
"If the noise doesn't eventually drive us crazy from lack of sleep, I fear a poisonous gas leak will kill us all."

Not fit for man or beast.

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