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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cat Whisperer Needed

That problem with being honest is that sometimes it just doesn't pay.  Ther is not ONE person interested in adopting Edward Cat.  I did, however, have several messages to the affect that they didn't even want to be in the same town with him. 
I should have tired the old bait-and-switch.  Here is the cat you think you are getting...
When in reality, this will arrive on your doorstep...

The TWO's and ONLY are about to put their house on the market and Edward Scissorhands makes this virtually impossible.  If the sweet, pet-loving neighbors have to enter the house armed with chain maille, what chance does a realtor and prospective owner have? It would be CATastrophic!!!
It is time for intervention. I think we need a cat whisperer.  Please send your resume via Comments.

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