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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Do You Wear Your Pantyhose: With Panties or Commando?

I grew up with days-of-the-week underwear. Being raised by a mother who constantly reminded her family that it was imperative to wear clean underwear in case one had an accident and went to the hospital... it would have been mortifying to die on a Tuesday wearing Monday's underpants. Today, it seems, underwear is becoming an optional accessory.

I have friends on both sides of the fence with the pantyhose issue.  Some are die-hard panty (or pantie) wearers and others feel that the panty part of the pantyhose takes the place of traditional underwear. Doing a little investigative reporting, I delved into my hosiery drawer. 
It seems that some pantyhose (tights in the UK) have quite a substantial panty built right in.  Others are just sheer hosiery right to the waist.
I hate to digress to the whole Visible Panty Line issue, but those who find VPL a disgrace to womankind can appreciate the clean line that pantyhose provide. I can see how this would be a benefit with some of today's clinging skirts and dresses, but I honestly would rather someone know I had underwear on under my white jeans. I don't even understand pantyhose with pants, jeans, slacks, etc. unless it is below freezing. I mean, your legs are already covered up. Buy some socks or knee-highs.
It used to be that many companies had dress codes barring bare legs for women.  Now it is a free-for-all of fashion, or lack of it.  Why any professional woman would head off to work in a suit and bare legs is beyond me. Even worse...going Commando (no undies). We've spent centuries trying to prove we are the social and educational equal of men.  Now we are so cocky that we think we don't have to maintain that professional image.  Put on some hosiery!!! And while you're at it...I would advise wearing underwear to work, too. The pluses of this are:
1. Avoiding an embarrassing exposure.
2. Addressing hygiene, odor and chaffing issues.
Some women love the thong under their pantyhose, but I can't even go this one on its own.  Why would you purposefully put on something that would cause an all-day Melvin (pants in the butt) trapped under a layer of hosiery? Others swear by the smoothness provided by a spandex/Lycra VPL under the hose.  I think the best solution of those who embrace the pantyhose/no panty is the panty liner.  No lines, hygienic and less chance of overexposure.  Besides, it could be your day for a trip to the hospital.

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  1. I dont wear panties underneath my nylons its easier not too like when you pee its too much hassle pulling up your painties and hose after your done and my grandmother never wore panties underneath her nylons i also hate pantylines