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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plume and Fumes

When Apache said they would put a flare by the tank battery, I didn't imagine anything as voluminous as this. This is not a flare, but rather a large plume of flame waving in the wind. You can see this thing from several miles away.
While I am happy that the gas is not being released into the air, the size of this fire-ball is a little overwhelming. Let's see...poison gas versus giant flame.  I guess the flame wins.
You will be really grateful that I don't have the capabilities to transmit odor. If you have not had the chance to smell the odor emanating from a tank battery, you have missed one of life's dubious pleasures. Imagine yourself locked in a room for a week with folks consuming only tuna salad, hard boiled eggs and fried onion rings.
We no longer go to the ranch in search of fresh air and a great outdoor experience. What a stench!

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