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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Apache 6-Diamond B Ranch 0

Unfortunately, my brackets for NCAA Basketball look as pitiful as my score with Apache.  Bedlam prevails at the ranch.  I had not been there in a month. I was so distressed to see what Apache had wrought.
We drove down some "new" roads and I couldn't even get my bearings of where we were on the ranch. 
Our glorious overlook, Buena Vista, is now intersected by caliche roads and a drilling rig.  I will have to change the road sign to  Mierda Vista. 
The main ranch road running east/west is now a double-wide caliche road, which encompassed a strip of land along the roadside that we used to plant for the deer. Doeseatoats (does eat oats) has now become Trucks Drive Fast. Perhaps I should purchase one of these signs.

I also have many "new" roads to well locations that are still to be named.  I'm thinking maybe; I Hate Apache Road, I Hate Apache Lane, I Hate Apache Street...Well, I guess I can come up with something more clever than that.  Please feel free to send me your ideas. 
In the meantime, I think Apache owes me a stipend to pay for all the new road signs and the renaming signs for the old roads.  They also pulled up a few road signs while creating their path of destruction.  They better be planning on re-installing them.  It's not like you can just tap them into the ground.  It took lots of convincing to get PARTNER out there with the auger on the tractor to erect those signs.  I don't think he's up for another installation.

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