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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kindred Spirit in Wysox, Pennsylvania

As I have mentioned before, the folks in Pennsylvania are just as sick of the drilling as we Texas landowners are.  Someone sent me a copy of an information sheet that Scout Petroleum had sent to landowners in northeast Pennsylvania. A lot of it I can't print on this site, but I think you'll get the gist of this person's feelings.
Name:  We are not as stupid as you think.
Address:  Corner of No Way and No How
Phone #:  570-265- ****
E-mail: my ****.com
# of Acres:  205
County/ Township:  Bradford, Wysox Township
Are you currently receiving royalty payments? (crude hand gesture)
Best time to contact: Never
P.S.  You are one of many that are trying to take advantage of people's misery.  We as land owners (sic) want to be left along.  So please don't **** us any more than chesapeake (sic) already has. Thank you
         The people

While Garden City boasts a population of 334, Wysox is a booming town of 1778 angry citizens.  I feel their pain.  After spending last weekend at the Diamond B, I have another boatload of Apache violations to report, but I'm giving this day exclusively to the poor people of Wysox. Misery loves company.  Hang-in there!
New sign of the times.

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