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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Booty Pop: Don't be a Sucker

I think the same people who have been busy convincing us that Mick Jagger lips are the epitome of beauty are at it again.  Now they want us to enhance our derrieres with a padded panty "that will make you look like you spent hours in the gym sculpting the perfect bottom."  For a mere $20 you can own two pairs of heavily padded underwear known as Booty Pops.
Really?   Since when does any woman in her right mind want her butt to look BIGGER?   I think you would have to purchase new jeans to even accommodate the resulting increase in hip measurement. Larger jeans are not my dream. Do you often lie awake nights thinking that your favorite knit dress would look a whole lot better if your rear end was protruding just a little more?  I didn't think so. The only possible benefit to wearing padded underwear is that it might offer some protection while participating in an extreme sport.
Wouldn't those foam pads made you sweat? Won't anyone (like your significant other) notice when you take them off and your butt disappears? Do you think those skinny Hollywood stars really wear these things?  The only folks in Tinseltown that are sporting huge behinds are the ones that were born that way.
I am so tired of folks telling women that there is something wrong with their bodies/faces.  This is just another money-grubbing attempt to play on womens' insecurities. I think I'll pass on the fake bulges stuck to my buttocks and with it my opportunity to sport a "bootylicious perky pop."

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