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Monday, March 5, 2012

Apache March Madness

It seems there is a little glitch in Apache's mineral lease on the Diamond B, so they are scurrying to get as many wells drilled as they can. Makes you ponder the system they are using for keeping track of such things.
Right now, we have four new drilling sites and supposedly three wells being drilled simultaneously. 
Two of these wells have each been moved to different locations four times.  There is something faulty about a system where they select a drilling site by looking at a map and data without ever looking at the actual land.  What a waste of time and say nothing of them tramping all over our property.  I think their determining factor in siting a well is, "How close can we get to one of their ponds?" After we have spent all the time and money to create water features on the ranch, most of them will now be sporting a pump jack and the accompanying noise.  Hardly the respite for humans and wildlife we envisioned.
If you are keeping track, our well count is now six plus the tank battery.  With three wells in progress, I figure we will have, at a minimum, 75 extra people on the ranch.  Good thing they sent us a gatekeeper.  Adding to this mess, the extraneous seismic crew is roaming around. 

All this March Madness brings me to my favorite Apache joke...

Did you know that G. Steven Farris (CEO) of Apache is a ventriloquist?
Why else would he have so many dummies working for him?!

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