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Monday, April 23, 2012

Calling All Feline Fanciers

I guess honesty is not the best policy, because no one has taken me up on the offer of the TWO's cat, Eddie. I should have described him a lovable, fluffy ball of fur and let the new owner deal with the consequences, as in a bad blind date.
We have only five days until the move, so this new home thing is becoming imperative.  I truly expect some of you professed cat lovers to step up to the plate and adopt Edward. 
Just look at those adorable white mittens and precious green eyes.  He would enhance any cat-loving household. And best of all...he is free, healthy and immediately available.
Not being a pet person, I guess I was woefully unaware that cats were an entity unto themselves.  A friend sent me this bit (no idea who the author is) and it perfectly delineates the difference between dogs and cats.

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