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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hunger Games vs The Hungry Games

If you haven't read the Hunger Games (one or all three books) by Suzanne Collins, I wouldn't be in any hurry,unless you're a fan of teen fantasy/science fiction. It is like a video game come to life.  Teens are forced , by a ruthless government, to fight each other in an Olympic-style death match.  (Picture the Christians and lions in Roman times.) If you are a student of history, you will find this as unsettling as the Nazi 's use of 12-year-old "soldiers" and the  youthful  (as young as seventeen) Japanese kamikaze pilots.
I will give it a ten for being a page-turner, but I guessed the outcome after the first few chapters...after all it is a trilogy. The situation, as well as the methods of death, I found disturbing.  Among all this killing, items magically appear from the sky.  It was way too unbelievable when contrasted with the battle for survival.  I would not recommend this for pre-teens. I certainly would talk about the political and social implications of living in Panem after my teenager viewed the movie or read the book.  If they are going to endure all that violence, it needs to be put in some perspective. 
Author's have been penning the themes of governmental dictatorship and individual suppression for ages.  The difference is that most of this literature was targeted for adults, as in George Orwell's 1984. While the rest of the nation is debating the merit of  banning The Hunger Games from school libraries, I am busy with my own hunger games.  Since I announced to the world, via the blog, that I was going to cut the calories and pick up the pace in the physical output, I feel compelled to stick to the agenda.  Mentally, I am prepared for sacrifice, but physically, I am having a hard time giving up all those delicious meals and fancy desserts. 
I know that I am not fooling anyone but myself, but I have devised a few plans to side-step the calorie limitation.  Last week, I had to test a recipe for a friend of mine.  I mean, she is trying to compile recipes from the movie stars of yesteryear; Silver Screen Suppers.  The least I could do for her is to test the almond cookie recipe, Claire Windsor's Snow Drops.  Mine turned into snow flats, but they still had to be duly tasted and critiques by ME.
This weekend I felt compelled to bake some chocolate friendship bread for my new neighbor.  Of course, it was an untried recipe, so I had to make a loaf for myself, too.  You wouldn't want me to alienate a neighbor with bad treats, would you?
Today, I was sure that it was imperative that I make some cupcakes baked in ice cream cones.  After all, I have a grand-daughter and she might like that idea.  Well, I made vanilla and after tasting them, I think chocolate would have been a better contrast with the cone.  I'll just have to make another batch.  Did I mention they have piles of swirly icing and chocolate sprinkles? You know I wouldn't intake that many calories if it wasn't in the name of grandmotherly love. And oh, did they look cute!(watch for the recipe and photos at
It just so happens the cookie molds I ordered arrived this week.  Sometime, I will be FORCED to make and taste some chocolate covered Oreos.  Until then, (maybe tomorrow) I will find solace in fruit, long walks and maybe a little Katniss nap. I hate these Hungry Games!

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