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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thirstily Stalking Stuart Purvis

These days I'm busy stalking Stuart Purvis, Director of Utilities for Midland, Texas.  Well, not physically stalking him, but mentally stalking him.  It seems we have run out of water and are on severe rationing.  To hear him explain this phenomena, it isn't HIS fault.  Excuse me?  Not his fault.  We have been under drought conditions for over a year and he has done nothing.  Now we are facing a loss of household water and his suggestion is to conserve. 
I am happy to conserve water.  In September last year, I cut my watering from 6 days a week (we live in the desert) to one day a week.  There has been no car or patio washing and that is quite a sacrifice in a dusty town.
His suggestion to inquiring callers:  "Don't flush your toilets." Of course, this piqued my curiosity.  What kind of person wouldn't flush his toilet?  So, I Googled this guy to find out where he lived.  Mr. Purvis lives on Stewart Avenue in a 1786 square foot house with two baths and I'm assuming three bedrooms.  He has no trees or landscaping...not a bush or shrub in front or back.  (Isn't technology helpful!) Gee, I bet his family is delighted that he is advertising that they are living in a house full of human waste. Maybe he ought to purchase some low consumption toilets (1.6 gallons per flush) and rid his house of effluence.
According to Mr. Purvis, his family uses only 8000 gallons of water per month. To bring my water usage for a house more than twice the size of his down to that level, I will have to take some drastic steps. For the sake of conservation, I will give up cooking and dishwashing.  I assume Mr. Purvis eats take-out from styro containers.  I figure that will save me 47 gallons a week.  If I send out all our laundry, I can save 550 gallons each week.  Letting the dirt remain where it is will gross me another 7 gallons per week. If I give up bathing and hygiene I may not have any friends.  But, what is friendship when I am saving 15 gallons of water each day? Then, I can rip out all my landscaping and cut down our precious tress.  Of course, the value of my house will drop by more than 20%, but I think it is worth it. Besides, who is going to buy a dirty house with un-flushed toilets?  I guess by June 2013, when they finally hook-up with T-Bar water, my house will probably condemned by the health department, so it really doesn't matter.

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