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Friday, May 25, 2012

Days of Our Lives Apache Style

Will Apache ever clean up their mess? Does their left hand know what their right hand is doing?  Is the lost water removal truck still wandering the roads of the Diamond B?  And, worst of all, did Apache pay someone for removing the trees from our road?  Stay tuned...
Well, I sure hope that Apache didn't pay anyone to remove the trees that were blocking our road, because all they did was knock over two trees and haul them into our field.

We spent most of Sunday cleaning up after them.  First we hauled the trees to the existing brush pile...a mere 30 feet from the gate.  Then we cleaned up all the other trees they had ripped out when they originally installed the gate.

Then we pulled up all the stumps we could.  Honestly guys, even when the trees are gone, you can't drive over stumps.
You notice the big ruts they made?  Well, PARTNER smoothed out the dirt and it is almost passable.  We didn't have time to fix the mess they made when the dumped the trees in the field...

because we also had to pick up all the pipe, and fencing from the gate they tore down when they put in the new one.
When we met one of the Apache pumpers on Sunday, we suggested that the road clearing work had been less than sterling.  He commented that it was contract labor and anyway, it was a "nice day to be working outside."  He didn't accept my invitation to join the fun.  We also requested some speed bumps and better communication with the 18-wheeler dispatchers.  I swear some of these drivers couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. The Garden City sheriff has confirmed my belief that many of the oilfield equipment drivers are not licensed for commercial vehicles, have been intoxicated or caught under the influence of drugs. 
Tune in next week when we find out if we have to hire our own private police force and file a lawsuit. Like sands through the hourglass...
PS I fugure we put in about five hours work cleaning up your mess, so please send us the appropriate compensation rather than the clowns you sent out to fix the problem.

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