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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

David Dewhurst is Driving Me Crazy

David Dewhurst may think he is running for the US Senate, but in reality, he is driving me crazy.  His campaign workers are relentlessly calling me with recorded messages.  I've had no less the a dozen phone calls on his behalf...most when I'm in the middle of doing something.  I say, enough is enough.  Stop calling me.  I had decided not to vote for him on the grounds that he was annoying the life out of me, but after trolling around on the Internet I've just confirmed my instincts.
This guy married his first wife, Tammy Joe in 1995.  She was a former beauty pageant queen, eighteen years younger than he.  After five years and some alcohol problems on her part, the marriage ended. Then he married Tricia Hamilton Bivens (41) when he was 63. Nothing against Tricia, but I figure in a few years he will marry again, someone half his age.  This is not the kind of sound judgement I look for in a political leader.  I guess it just proves with about 200 million dollars, you can do just about anything...including hiring a host of annoying telemarketers and marrying people young enough to be your child.

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