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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spurned by John Christmann

Well, I guess John Christmann is not going to accept my invitation to visit the Diamond B Ranch.  We are, however, going to host some fellows doing quail research.  I'm sure they will be impressed with what Apache has done to the place.
Hey, John...just look at what you are missing, besides my great cooking...
Just makes you feel at one with nature.

Those nice piles of dirt are part of the unfilled ditches.

An eighteen-wheeler decided to go sightseeing and drove all the way to our front gate.  Then realizing it was locked, he backed up for a distance of one mile on our very wet road, thereby creating havoc with our main access road (created and paved at our expense).
You will notice they made nice, deep ruts that manage to toss the little mule all over the place. This maniac had to be drunk or stoned.  There was absolutely no reason for him to be driving past our house.  Even an idiot would notice he was on the wrong road.  The pumper said he would speak to the drivers, but that doesn't fix our road.
Yep, another fun holiday at the ranch courtesy of Apache. The least you guys could do is give us a sign that says, "No oilfield traffic beyond this point."  And while you're at it...I want speed bumps on the main service entry.  Your "speed limit strictly enforced" signs have had no affect.
Oh, and by the way, I want some extra compensation for PARTNER and I for the two wells that had H2S. I understand the workers get almost double for a potentially poisonous well, so I figure you owe us something for living with the danger, too.

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