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Friday, May 11, 2012

Women's Lib: Mysogynist Plot

As we are approaching Mother's Day, I couldn't help but wonder how moms got where they are today. We earned the right to work, join the army and burn our bras.  We were even blessed with our "own cigarette now, baby.  We've come a long, long way." So what did all this liberation get us? Besides the obvious fatigue, danger, sagging bosoms and lung cancer, there have been many other deleterious side effects.
For many, it is a nine to five (or longer) job outside the home.  Add to that the "traditional" role as mom, household maintainer, food preparer (and purchaser), nurse, repairman juggler and take-out-the-trash person.
Now that we are so utterly educated and unfettered by stereotypes, we can also pay the bills, shop for the insurance and mortgage and fill out the income tax form. Our computer skills have allowed us to arrange all vacations, handle the family correspondence and make sure the relatives receive gifts on the appropriate holidays.  Just because our plates are full is no reason why we can't orchestrate Halloween costumes, stuff a turkey, decorate the house for Christmas, make sure the Bunny arrives on time and make birthdays special for our family.

How did we get to this horrendous state? 
I have discovered that women's lib is a misogynist plot.  Like that secret society at Harvard, a group of men from Ivy League schools developed this concept to relieve them from many of their perceived obligations.  Yes, and you thought Gloria Steinem was the guru.  She was just used by this group to facilitate their nefarious plan. Liberation was, and is, just a plot by men to get out of more golf, watch more sporting events and play video games.
If discrimination and sexual harassment against women had really ended and we were getting equal pay for equal work, it MIGHT be worth it.  But, as it stands now, all we are is tired. We start our lives as mothers in labor and our labors have never ceased.
Remember your mom this Sunday...she never forgets you.

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