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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Know You're in a Drought When...

In September, I finally traded my 10-year-old car in on a new SUV.  Yesterday was the first time I had to use the windshield wipers. Seems technology has changed in a decade. I still don't have those wipers mastered, but if we get the forecasted rain this week, I may just get a handle on the procedure.  If that doesn't speak to our water shortage, I don't know what does!  On the water conservation front, we are winning the battle. Our water consumption has dropped from 37,000 gallons in February, to 27,000 in March and only 11,000 in April.  Of course, our lawn is brown and crispy, but we are dealing with it.
Monday, we had the first No Well.  They attempted to drill a water well, but couldn't get the machinery past the utility lines.  Plan B...wait on a company with a more compact drilling rig.  In the meantime, we have a piece missing out of our fence and a gap in the landscaping and drooping greenery.  I am hauling water from the ranch to keep the flowers along the walkway alive, but it is like spitting into the wind. It just makes me feel better to be doing something.

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