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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Keeping Your Pool Clean: Pool Skim

We have tried several pool cleaners over the years and have finally hit on a combination that works well.
After trying the Zodiac Barracuda that mostly stayed suctioned to the pool drain and the Polaris with the flipping tail that threw water all over the place, we settled on this Hayward model.  It cleans efficiently and has no annoying habits.  Unfortunately, it needs to be attached to the pool's suction valve which is where the pool skimmer is usually located. skimmer.
To solve this problem, I found Pool Skim.  It attaches to the pressure return line to cause a funnel effect that sucks in floating debris into a mesh bag. It fits onto the line which brings water back from the filter.  Ours had a white eye-ball fixture on it.  This piece pops off and the Pool Skim comes with all sorts of connectors that screw together to fit your configuration.  PARTNER installed this in only a few minutes, without getting in the pool.  It took him longer to find the right size screwdriver than it did to install it.  
The Pool Skim is great.  I was skeptical, but very pleased.  They have a website, or you can find it on for about $100.  It is one of those things that is so simple, but so effective.  Wish I had invented it...


  1. Really Pool Skim is great. i benefited by doing this grate idea. thanks

  2. They make a skimmer basket with a hole and adapter so you can use the skimmer for the cleaner and skimming. Pentair Great white is a much better cleaner.